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Bulk Loose Tea / Ghazwa Blend

Garden Packs

Tea are imported from kenya in garden packs in bulk such as Gathuthi, mununga, imenti , momul, Tirgaga etc. There prices vary day to day . If you are interested in buying garden pack then please send email for feedback.

Ghazwa Tea

Hotel Blend (Special Dust)

Made From high quality Dense Tea . More cups of tea can be made as compare to other teas Best For Cafes, restaurants , Hotels

Danedaar Blend

It has natural sweet so best for Diabetic patient or those who don’t want added sugar in there tea. So its best for children and weight conscious family members. Also best for people who make tea via dam ( pouring hot water and tea in thermos with separate thermos of milk )

Economy Blend

Low cost original tea designed for resellors and retailers . Better then the fake mixtures and other color blended fake teas of market. Can also be used in/for charity tenders , zakat sadqa distribution .

Family Mixture

Its tasty and easy to cook so best for family who make tea directly , that is, mix tea and water in kettle (by putting on stove)

Private Label (for super stores / whole sale buyers)

We can supply our tea blend in private labels for wholesale buyers, in their own name in retail packing (the cost of packaging will be very economical and quality will be guaranteed) Those interested in private labels must mention in the message body of the form while inquiring and ordering.

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