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Milk Powder

The following imported types of dry milk powder can be supplied locally , based upon availability , if you are a beginner or not sure what to buy then please fill the Define your requirement form( also mentioned at bottom of this page), so that we may be able to entertain you at best. Please Note cheese, butter, butter milk powder and whole milk powder are not importable due to high tariffs and are not available with us for supply.


( also called HALF CREAM Milk Powder in Pakistan)

(NFDM Non fat dry milk)

( international abbreviation SMP)

The non standardized (non codex ) , 35 % protein or more are best imported solution of skim, mainly meant for industry forchocolate, sweets, frozen deserts, bakery etc. We have following two types with us (note high heat ,infant formula and condensed milk are not available with us )

(a) Low Heat

Dairy America From USA  (NFDM) Mainly used by industry as raw material for sweets, bakery confectionary

(b) Medium Heat 

Skim(non standardized   high protein )= OVA , MULLER , LacPatrick(LP) . Mainly used in yogurt making, chocolate, and special for some sweet mithai ( cham cham)

Note= We do not deal in irani non codex skim milk powder. 

(2):Vegetable Fat Filled

(also called FULL CREAM MILK Powder in Pakistan)

(International abbreviation FFMP)

The alternative to fresh milk and best for home consumers for tea, deserts, coffee vending machines etc. It has full cream milk qualities. 

(a) Full Protein/ High Protein

(24% protein) with 28 % vegetable fat (palm oil) ( the Pakistani Customers term this as full cream Full Protein milk powder) . GLENOR from Dairy GOLD ,IRELAND . A full dairy nutrition , best for tea making, as they do not disturb tea taste, and shelf life of 24 months makes them highly practical, Instant and fortified , Alternative of Whole Milk Powder. This is most effective option then other low protein milk powders or tea whitener or local milk powders since EUROPEAN HEALTH conscious requirements and food safety standards have generally more than 30 quality checks and tests from the grass to glass (that is from liquid form of truly grass fended cows to drinkable form). One kg makes 10 liters of milk.

Other Brands (upon availability) MilkyGOLD, NedGold , NZMP.

Our Retail brand namely Ghazwa MILK Powder is excellent for retail use and has European Fat filled (full cream) milk powder.

(b) Low Protein

(upon availability) (the Pakistani customers term this as Full Cream Low protein Milk Powder)= 15 percent protein or less .  

Usually used in mixing purposes by shop keepers in order to reduce cost, but in actual full protein is far more effective ( although full protein is expensive but liquid milk proportion makes cheaper as compared to low protein, since low protein makes less liquid milk)

Brands (upon availability) = Best Choice, Yumie , MapCo

(c) Local Milk Powder and Tea Whiteners

Generally can be used instead of Low protein imported options. Are available occasionally only ( Glorious, Gourmet, Every Day , UNILAC , MELCO ) in bulk packing 25 kgs only , but we advise to use fat filled full Protein full cream milk powder (refer a) which once again do not have any parallel.

(3):Whole Milk Powder

(Also called BUTTER FAT or DAIRY FAT in Pakistan)

( International abbreviation  WMP/FCMP).

Only imported solution can be ordered upon interest but this requires advance payment and atleast on 2-3 months order time for bulk quantity like 20 ftr ( 15 metric ton) . Fat ranges from 26-28 percent and both regular and instant versions can be ordered.

(4) Whey Powder

Demineralised , Generally has 8- 13 percent protein. Has good emulsifying properties (so can be used as emulsifier in ice cream), also used in khoya making . Also used in Growing-Up Milk to obtain the desired casein/whey protein ratio. Further the very low mineral content enables flexibility in meeting various mineral profiles. Specific minerals can be added in later stages of the production process resulting in optimal control and accuracy.

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