TEA is our family business. We market our tea with gazwa brand you can buy direct from us following special types of teas

Special Cafe Tea
If you are looking for some very special tea for your cafe or hotel and really need some tea which others don't have then we suggest that you shall try our special cafe tea. Though it's little expensive as compare to other market teas but it's really special and is takes minimum time for preparation

Diet Black Tea
This tea you can drink without sugar and even without milk. It's black tea blend made from such teas which are natural sweet and tasty and not very hard. U can order online. But remember its expensive

Special Economy Tea
This tea is not very good in physical shape but very good in cup and will not put burden on your pocket
Its very good for shop keepers who want to resell As well

Special tea
If you are looking for some tea which is very special. And you are not satisfied with the teas blends in market then we suggest you shall try our special tea
It comes both as family dust and family mixture

U can get samples of teas free of cost from our retail outlet in jodia bazar bear faysal bank jodia bazar branch in rafai markaz or can order by e mail but in that case the shipping or courier expence u have to bear and we will supply sample free of cost

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