Ghazwa Brand

Ghazwa = Our tea brand “ GHAZWA”  mainly comprises of CTC Kenya teas, and available blends are of “Mixture”, “ Danedar” etc, is available in retail packages of 100 grams,200 grams, 250 grams, 500 grams and 1 kg


CTC Teas

CTC  TEA (Non Orthodox)= We mainly deal in Kenyan machine processed CTC Tea ( BP1, Pf1, Pd, Dust Etc),  however it is also produced in Srilanka, Assam and parts of Africa and South America. The processing has three stages (crush, tear, curl or cut, tear, curl), hence the name 'CTC' tea. The resultant product looks like small pellets of black tea. It produces a very strongly flavored, quickly infusing tea that is often boiled or used in tea bags.


Orthodox Tea

ORTHODOX  TEAS= Orthodox teas are usually harvested and processed by hand to get intact, whole leaves – small, young tea leaves plucked from the tips of the tea bush – but may also be harvested and processed by machine. Mainly produced in India, Ceylon, Indonesia Etc.

Orthodox is more flavored then CTC teas.


Green Tea

GREEN  TEA= Mainly produced in China, Brazil, Indonesia, Bangladesh etc. Green Tea is beneficial  in Loosing weight, avoiding Flu, lowering cholesterol, reducing cancer threats , increasing metabolism etc..

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