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Dairy products like Whey powders, Cheese  and butter are supplied on special orders.

Milk Powder is a core part of our business,  because it has many advantages then liquid milk as discussed below separately. We generally deal  in bulk packing of 25 kgs. ( Note that Powdered Milk is produced by removing most of the water through a drying process  known as spray drying .  This process is done by taking pasteurized milk in an evaporator to approximately 50% milk solids.  The concentrated milk is then sprayed into a heat chamber where the water evaporates almost instantly, leaving fine particles of milk powder. )  We  deliver high quality products at competitive pricing.

 Advantages of powdered milk over liquid milk

  • More shelf life then liquid milk
  • Less transportation cost
  • Less Storage space required

We work in various Types of Milk Powder:

  • Whole Milk Powder; Between 26% and 40% milk fat with no more than 5% moisture.
  • Skim Milk Powder and Non-Fat dry milk(Also Called half Cream in Pakistan) ; Contains 1.5% or less milk fat and 5% or less of moisture. Skim milk can be low heat or medium heat or high heat.
  • Buttermilk Powder; Buttermilk powder is made from buttermilk that is churned, pasteurized and condensed.  It has 4.5 percent milk fat and less than 5% moisture.
  • Vegetable fat filled ( also called Full Cream in Pakistan)= Fat Filled Milk Powder ( FFMP ) is produced by spray drying fresh standardised skim cow milk to remove water and fat. The milk powder is hydrogenated with vegetable oil ( palm oil or coconut oil)

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